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A distributed protocol for creating, trading, and redeeming fully-collateralized options contracts for any ERC-20 token on Ethereum.
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Community-proposed SIP-11 is ready for deployment and will launch by the end of this week. Thank you everyone SIP-11 is a step towards an improved alignment between Liquidity Providers (LPs) and the SIREN protocol, options traders, and SI holders.

The current LP program was effective in the early days of SIREN when a primary goal was attracting liquidity to bootstrap the project. As SIREN enters a more mature phase of growth, spending SI rewards more thoughtfully will allow for support of the protocol on an ongoing basis. Deploying SI rewards tactically, i.e. …

Dear merfolk, air breathers, and degens.

We are pleased to share with you the spec for SIRENv2 as well as the projected roadmap for 2Q2021. The roadmap contains strategic priorities as well as the elements we expect to be included in the deployment of SIRENv2 at the end of the quarter.


The bulk of improvements made in 2Q2021 will be bundled into the release called SIRENv2. We expect the majority of these upgrades to all deploy in sequence at the end of June. …

March 1, 2021SIREN Markets has raised $4MM to bring sophisticated, fully-composable cryptocurrency options trading to Decentralized Finance. The financing was co-led by 1kx and Spartan Group. Additional participation came from from CMS Holdings, Blockfolio Founder Edward Moncada, Naval Ravikant, Robert Leshner and Tarun Chitra’s Robot Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Rockaway Blockchain Fund, WikiHow Founder Jack Herrick, Santiago R Santos from ParaFi Capital, and more.

SIREN previously raised $1.2MM in December 2020 from Spartan Group, CMS Holdings, QCP, Robot Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Edward Moncada, Dialectic, and more.

Goals for the capital raised in this round include security auditing and expanding…

Dear Goblins, Merfolk and Planeswalkers — we are excited to announce that the revamped SIREN Liquidity Provider Program (LPP) begins TODAY. After extensive input from all of you in the SIREN community on pretty much everything, including amount, duration, and methodology, the new LPP is truly a group effort between us merfolk and you land dwellers.

The previous LPP that this program replaces required participants to register. This method was the strongest way we could think of to make sure that no individual participant received more than a certain share of the pool or the rewards — by collecting addresses…

Few land dwellers are aware of the vast reefs in their world’s hidden ocean. Far beneath the surface in the great ocean trenches, where the light is blue and dim, merfolk tend Solidity contracts that power the SIREN markets. Today we present the SIREN Liquidity Provider Program (LPP).

“Let the land dwellers know the coast is no longer the border between our realms. A new age of empire has begun.” — Master of the Pearl Trident

The SIREN LPP rewards participants in the SIREN Project. Participants in the LPP will receive SIREN governance tokens in exchange for providing early liquidity…

The developers and designers at Siren Markets have been working on a protocol for decentralized options trading, and we’d like to share our thoughts on it with you here. Options are a financial primitive from which one can build many different more complex financial instruments. At their core, options give a trader the choice to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price at a known time in the future. This is useful for protecting yourself (a.k.a hedging) against possible price changes in the asset, as well as speculating on these price changes.

Please continue reading for a high-level…


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